What Your Element Is Doing At A Party?

All four elements are vastly different to each other in nature. So let's take a lot at which elements are doing what at parties.


Fire signs are known for having the "big" personalities within the Zodiacs, no matter what Fire sign you are. With saying this, these are the signs that will be the ones having the most attention drawn onto themselves. The fire signs will be the one to start all the drinking games and randomly shouting out for people to take shots. They're the ones who are on tables, jumping into pools, setting things on fire (no pun intended) or doing stunts out in the backyard. One thing is for sure, you won't see them without a drink in their hand unless they're chugging more alcohol from a doing keg stand.


Air signs love to talk. They are generally quite social butterflies. What you'll see at a party from an Air sign is either nonstop talking or being extremely flirtatious. Air signs like to draw attention to themselves but not the same way Fire signs do. Air signs do it in a more quiet way which is just by talking but they like to talk about themselves. Whether it's an Aquarius having a debate with people, a Gemini stirring up gossip or a Libra talking about their current relationship status, they love to talk. What's better than talking for an Air sign at a party? FLIRTING. If an Air sign isn't talking about themselves or to provoke something, they are flirting with someone immensely. Whether that flirting turns into kissing and heavy panting, we'll leave that up to you but Air signs... you know how to make a party fun for yourself.


Earth signs at a party?! Is this a joke? No... it really does happen sometimes. Social gatherings for our fellow Earth signs don't really mesh but when it does happen, they are sure to go happily unnoticed. They are the ones who are at the side of the rooms or in the kitchen away from the messy people. They like to stick to themselves or be a small gathering of people. They'll be the ones to observe scenes that happen at the party and walk away from the people who are crying. When you find them at the corner of the rooms, they're either hitting a blunt, eating some food or around an Air sign listening to all the drama unraveling and leave when it starts to get too chaotic. And lastly, they can be the therapists who are at times the ones who are followed by a Water sign who needs some refreshing, practical advice about their lifestyle choices.


Hey there Water signs. You're often the sign who is crying/upset over someone or being the parent and watching out over people. You guys are extremely empathetic and don't like seeing other people upset because you know exactly how that feels. Especially for a Pisces who tends to feel e v e r y t h i n g. Water signs are actually quite fun at parties because they like to be involved but not be too overbearing in conversations. If they're not in a conversation, they're either comforting somebody who's upset and they get to hear all the gossip, clearing up someone’s vomit or are the ones who are upset in a room, crying to others and wants to plot revenge.

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