Venus In The Different Signs

Venus in Aries:

When Venus is occupied with Aries, these people love the chase. This placement makes these people adore flirtation, especially by physical touch. They love spontaneity and actually, enjoy mini arguments with their partner as it entertains Aries. They love to bicker, it makes things feel intense. Aries being an impulsive and intense fire sign, this ignites them. Venus in Aries people really likes to show people how independent and exciting they are. Their love style way of expression is a lot to do with "me, me me". Obviously, some people don't appreciate that but some will find that cute. Venus in Aries can have a child-like approach to things that can make them seem very impatient. Venus in Aries love anything to do with energy and activity, they absolutely hate anybody who's boring or who seem too mature. These Aries Venusians need plenty of stimulation which includes people giving into their need for action. Aries Venusians aren't ones to beat around the bush, they are upfront and daring. These Venusians aren't the most empathetic but they love to take the lead when it comes to decisions about the matter of the heart. They are demanding when it comes to love, addicted to the chase as it demands stimulation and addicted to the intense emotions that come within love.

Venus in Taurus:

Luckily for Taurus Venusians, this is where Tauruses love to be in. Taurus is ruled by Venus so this combination blends perfectly. Taurus is an earth sign and being placed in Venus makes them extremely sensual. They love the finer things in life. Imagine setting up a bubble bath for you and your lover, with dimmed lights, chocolate next to the bath with scented Vanilla candles around. This is something they would crave. People with Taurus in Venus are very romantic but they need to feel like their relationship is stable and going nowhere but up. If they don't feel this way, they'll look for this somewhere else. This placement makes these people love physical touch and their comforts. These people give the allure that they are solid and dependable people who will make extremely generous lovers. In their relationships, they need some sort of dependability or routine in order to make them feel stable. People with this Taurus placement can be possessive and they can fear energetic and spontaneous situations in their relationships. These people absolutely resist change and never tend to change up their routines when it comes to love. However, rest assured that these people are constant and dependable people. In love, you cannot rush these people. The Taurus Venusians adore touching, cuddling and cosy nights in. They love things that give them comfort and fill their senses.

Venus in Gemini:

Gemini is an air sign, with its' ruler being Mercury. Gemini in Venus absolutely loves communication. The Gemini Venusians find pleasure when pursuing their curiosities. These people love to display how much they know by amusing conversations, and showing all the various interests. They like to show that they have their finger in a bit of everything as for them this means they look smart, they feel smart and it just makes for more conversation. A lot of people might call them a tease because they can talk about anything for a long time. They are very playful, outgoing people in love. These people are always on the go and are hard to pin down. They don't like anything that looks to "comfortable" and too "routined". They aren't very fond of predictability, they need their relationships to be filled with wit, spontaneity and conversation. They are very picky when choosing a partner as they need to feel like their partner can talk about almost anything, like themselves that is why it's hard to catch them in relationships. Gemini Venusians never want to feel like they are "settling down", they enjoy and encourage the fun in relationships. They can talk endlessly about their relationship and wouldn't ever hover too much over any issues they might be having as they love to keep things light. These people like to flirt as they are extremely curious, intellectual people and interested in social interactions. However, when it comes to deep meaningful things, they don't like to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Venus in Cancer:

In order for a Cancer to open up, they need to feel safe, comfortable and secure. Cancer Venusians feel nothing more satisfying when they know their relationship is built on trust and loyalty. They feel at their happiest when they feel like they are creating a life where they are building a partnership that feels exactly like home. They absolutely love when their love is predictable and comfortable because they feel as if they are in their safe spot. These people are sensitive when it comes to love and are impatiently waiting for someone who is worthy to give them their comfort, security, loyalty and care. These people are observers in love, they are water signs after all and pay the most attention to your feelings and expressions rather than what you're actually saying. These Cancer Venusians can be moody in love and are great at giving silent treatments, locking themselves in their room and other displays of affection showing that they are annoyed in order to get their partners' attention. They don't like when people rationalize their emotions and aren't afraid to back down from emotional confrontations. Cancer Venusians have a hard time ever forgetting or truly forgiving someone who has hurt them. In order to please these people, you need to give them lots of cuddles and positive love affirmations. You must always make them feel secured and cared for, this is the utmost importance for them. Their family and home are the two things that mean most to them so, including family game nights, movie nights at home would be something that they would value deeply.

Venus in Leo:

These people are truly romantic. Leo is ruled by the Sun which is at the center of our solar system which means when it comes to love, they love to be worshipped by their partner and worship their partner. Leo loves to be seen as the "ruler" and is always in a search for his co-ruler, Leo Venusians want to be in a team to create a strong dynamic duo force. These people like to be in a partnership where they see it as a reflection of themselves as they find this extremely powerful and attractive. Let's not forget that Leo Venusians like to feel always important. They can be extremely warm, generous, observant and big in their gestures. Similar to Cancer Venusians, these people thrive on loyalty. Venus in Leo like to be viewed as if they are experienced in love, whether they are or not, they want to feel as if they have they have one step ahead. In love, they have high and a lot of expectations but this is usually centered around how much attention and love their potential partner is willing to give to them. Apart from that, they love to spoil and be spoiled. What scares them most is a relationship that appears to have drizzled out and become boring, they always want a spark to be there and to keep their relationship fun. They have a need to show their physical expression for their partner by sex however, their need for love is even stronger. Leo Venusians find it hard to separate love from sex, in knowing this most Leo Venusians wouldn't last too long in a relationship that is mostly just sex-based. They'd rather have a relationship that is purely love-only based although the absence of sex would make them feel less satisfied. If you have to remember something, is that to love or get Leo Venusians attention, you need to show them how much you adore them and make your world revolve around them.

Venus in Virgo:

These people are all to do with acts of service. They love to problem-solve so they seek a partnership that also gives back in a similar way. Virgo is practical and organized so in Venus, they don't make for the most romantic or spontaneous partners. Virgo Venusians love when someone does small and subtle acts of service, they hate things that seem over the top. These people aren't ones to be flirty by nature. Their love shows in how much they dedication and work they put in the relationship. They don't show their love in the way a Leo would, their ways of showing is way more subtle and small but more detailed-oriented towards you. Virgo Venusians are quiet and reserved, their loner-like flair about them is part of their charm. They aren't ones to make the first move as they need to be certain you like them too, they like to play it safe in relationships. These Virgo Venusians make great listeners and their style of love isn't for all. Their style of love is almost teacher-like: they like to criticize and nag. A lot of people would take this as annoying and too strict but it's their way of showing they care as they just want to help you. They prefer people who don't have overbearing personalities, they go more for the quiet type. Make sure you tell them how you appreciate what they do as they like to feel useful.

Venus in Libra:

Like Taurus, Venus also rules Libra so Libra in Venus is a very comfortable placement. However, Taurus is much more about physical touch whereas Libra is much more obsessed with balance, sharing and harmony in a relationship. Libra Venusians love for their relationships to look good. They can come off as superficial to some because of that reason. These people hate to be offended as they are very gentle people, they don't like abrupt or rude people. Their world revolves around being treated fairly and to treat fairly. They love to communicate about things going on in their relationship and that for them can be very arousing. As said above, they love to share information about their relationship but being upfront and having bad manners is a total turn off for them. Libras live for love so sometimes they can be too idealistic about love instead of realistic. Since Libras hate conflict at times they may look over unpleasant situations in their relationships which could build up over time and cause them to be resentful.

Venus in Scorpio:

These people are intense and mysterious. These Scorpio Venusians love anything with a little bit of darkness, so they love intimacy with a dash fetish, obsession, and erotism. They have a certain pull towards them which makes people hover to them because of their willingness to commit. They are serious and hate to flirt for nothing. They have a lot of deep feelings which they do not let just anyone see. Scorpio Venusians come across as fearless when it comes to intimacy and their charm comes from their dedication and their focus on only you. This placement is intensely loyal, possessive and they give their potential partners the feeling that they will never leave them. They love to give you their complete attention, they adore to learn you. They are extremely focused on you and never take a pause. Some find this flattering and some find this too much. They'll never admit this and it definitely won't look like this at first but Scorpio Venusians love to control their partner. This is a very intense experience that can make the partner feel like it's very tiring to love them as all this intensity takes away from all the fun there is to have. These people always take things to the extreme, it's in their nature. People who are in a more playful relationship may look at a Scorpio Venusian relationship as overbearing. Even though Scorpio Venusians love and need to know everything about you, they don't want you to know everything about them. If you get these people angry, you'll definitely know about it as they will make it a problem. To please these guys, you need to show your utter commitment, loyalty, intimacy, and submissiveness to them.

Venus in Sagittarius:

Sagittarians love travel, to learn and philosophy. Just like the sign, Venus in Sagittarius is more into excitement and adventure. They aren't into romance. They are drawn and love to explore, daredevils and free-spirits. Not only do they get excited by adventure, but they absolutely adore a good sense of humor. These Sagittarius Venusians love to be occupied with entertainment, so you making them laugh will really turn on. These people need to know and feel like they can grow within their relationship. Everything that there is to experience, they want to experience it as a couple. These guys can be at times confusing because they love to have fun and be serious. They don't like to commit to relationships as easily as others do. They love to flirt, laugh and talk about their dreams. They like to be viewed as open-minded but they can, funnily enough, be very judgmental of others, quite the walking contradiction. They are restless and cannot stand routine or people with too many emotions. Unfortunately, when times get hard in a relationship they tend to flee instead of stay and work harder on it. They love people who have a love for life. They need lots of space and they love to debate but do not criticize them this will only make them want to retreat.

Venus in Capricorn:

These Capricorn Venusians will try to conquer you by showing their well-manered behavior and their self-control. They want to show you that no one can make them look bad and that they are goal-oriented people. They are cautious in love and like some levels of predictability as they are earth signs. Similar to Virgo Venusians, Capricorns in this placement have a loner-like aura which is one of their charms. Their partner may complain saying that Capricorn Venusians are not creative or romantic and that they are too purposeful and practical. Capricorn Venusians are not the most in touch with their feelings and really do crave a family but they aren't sure how to show this apart from how they already know. They are willing to commit and are pulled to people who are also goal-oriented and who are serious like them as well. Capricorn Venusians like to plan forward in love and they'll tell you all about it. To please them, you need to show them you're practical as well and realistic. You need to show them that you are living in the real world and not in some dreamland. They aren't spontaneous lovers but they are real and constant. When things get tough, they aren't ready to run off, they expect this as they are realistic about relationships instead of idealistic.

Venus in Aquarius:

Aquarian Venusians are quite aloof in love and progressive. This placement finds joy in what's not normal. They hate the ordinary, they get extremely bored. These guys don't like to label their relationship as they hate to conform to societal pressures. They like the freaky side of life and are attracted to rebels and people who aren't afraid to show the weird side. Aquarian Venusians like to impress you by showing you their open-mind and their progressive thinking. They want to be seen as hard to label, unique and opinionated. They want you to appreciate and love that they aren't what society calls "normal". These guys like unconventional relationships, they don't want to follow any rules even though they don't mind making some of their own. They can have the appearance of being cold as they are threatened by restrictions. They want to be loved because of their intellectual mind and their ideas. They want their lover to be their friend and hate doing any PDAs. To please them, join along into their dreams, be yourself, and be patient at times when they try to be superior to you on an intellectual level as they won't take criticism well.

Venus in Pisces:

Venus loves when Pisces is in this placement. Pisces are peace-lovers, finds beauty in almost everything and they are drawn to creative/musical people. They adore the arts and romance. It is very spiritual for them. Pisces Venusians are dreamy, can be aloof and are very welcoming, gentle partners. They give off an air that they are a little bit weird, playful and at times moody. They love romance and poetry to them really hits a special place. They are sensitive people, and not only is it directed towards them but also about the injustice in the world. Pisces Venusians need you to know that there love is unconditional. They don't care about social status or how you look on the exterior, they'll love you exactly for who you are. You don't need to hide from them. Since these guys have such a big heart and sensitivity towards the injustice in the world, they love people who seem to have had a hard life, people who have been the "loser" from the friend group and people who seem to need a little help in life. Since they have such a romantic view of the world, they want to save everything and everyone. These guys unlike Libras, who thrive on harmony and equality, Pisces Venusians thrive on inequality. They can be hard to understand and actually commit to as they don't always seem to be there in the mind at times. You won't always be able to rely on them as they do little white-lies from time to time but they are the romantic types. The reason why they lie at times is because they can't bear to see you upset, they hate to see someone sad. You need to be patient as these guys seem to be living in their head too much and never really have a direction of which way their relationship is going. They are people who are so open to ideas that they can find it hard to commit to either one idea or even person. Pisces Venusians see the world in full color, never in black or white modes. Just remember, they will love you completely for who you are. These guys are in the middle between weak and strong, just don't take advantage of their kindness.

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