Top Three WORST Signs At Expressing Their Feelings

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

1) VIRGO. Virgo is an Earth sign. Earth is the element that has the hardest time coming to face with their emotions. But out of the three, Virgo would have to take the prize for having the hardest time expressing their feelings. They are sensitive but that doesn't make that expressing their feelings and emotions to people come easily. They like to focus on other people before themselves instead of taking care of themselves first. They find this an easier way to cope with their feelings by ignoring them and trying to rationalize them by thinking they'll just eventually disappear. For those Virgos who have a Libra, Cancer or Pisces moon, you'll have an easier time with expressing your feelings. You have a natural inclination to feeling things more and being more accepting of those feelings.

2) GEMINI. Gemini is an Air sign. Air signs are known for their intellect and being quite wishy-washy. This second position could have been a close tie with Aquarius. What made Aquarius not being here is because they can come off as quite cold but it's just because they don't think their emotions and feelings should be shared in public. They don't really have a problem with processing feelings but they just rather do so in their own time and with a close group of friends. Geminis have no fear in expressing their opinions, thoughts or ideas with people. Since Geminis' ruling planet is Mercury, they tend to intellectualize whatever emotion or feeling they have, which is quite similar to our dear friend Virgo. This makes them brush off any emotions that they should express but don't. So it leads to a build-up until they break down.

3) SCORPIO. Scorpio is a very intense water sign. They are also very secretive with their emotions which isn't a problem until it does become a problem. It's hard for people to know what they really feel because they put up a poker face. They generally like to hide expressing their feelings because they don't want to come across as looking weak or judged. They don't want to place themselves in a vulnerable position that's out of their control. They are controlling and feel best when they know how situations will play out. Scorpios take a long time to warm up and trust people so once you finally get that chance, make sure you don't mess up because one small slip-up and they'll lose that trust they gave to you. They need to know from the people around them that they'll never be viewed as weak or "small". They are extremely emotional but rarely let anybody see that, they keep it to themselves.

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