The Zodiacs As Dogs!

Taurus: You'd be the Golden Retriever of the Zodiacs. They are one of the most common dogs for a reason, they're extremely reliable, loveable, patient, goofy and responsible. Golden retrievers are often used as service dogs and as rescue dogs. They are very hard-working dogs, easily-manageable and do great, just like Taureans. The downside would be how if they don't have some sort of fitness regime, they'll gain weight quite easily!

Virgo: After long decision making, Virgos would have to be a Labrador Retriever. Similar to Taurus, they are great service dogs. They need to be needed or else they'll feel quite angsty. They are also intelligent and gentle. Labrador Retrievers can come across quite shy when you meet them but once they know you, they'll start to trust you.

Capricorn: Would be a Shar-Pei! They are quite suspicious of people and reserved which matches Capricorn's "cold" side. They are independent, affectionate and loving dogs. Once a Capricorn lets you in, you know nothing more than them wanting to show you affection and to keep you safe, just like the Shar-Pei. They can look scary but deep down, they just want to love as much as to be loved. As long as you don't take away too much of their independence.

Aries: Airedale Terriers would do it for the Aries. They are fearless, keen and confident dogs. They are prone to bark and dig which makes them extremely firey, however, they win it for being the most impulsive and fearless. They are natural leaders. You need to have experience when having a dog like this as they aren't for everyone. They are naturally friendly dogs but you don't want to be on their bad side.

Sagittarius: They take it for being the good old Jack Russell Terrier. Similar to the Airedale, Jack Russells are very fearless dogs. They are energetic and always need some mental stimulation or else chaos breaks loose. Bringing them on a walk, they aren't afraid to roam around without their owner. They're extremely vocal about whatever they want and if they don't like something, it needs to be their way. Teaching them can be tricky as they are very stubborn terriers, all too similar to Sagittarians.

Leo: They are the great Dachshund! Just like Leos, they are extremely playful and know how to make sure the attention is on them. Even though they are small, their bark is louder and deeper than you'd expect. They are certainly fearless and courageous dogs so put them to a task and they'd do it with all their heart. Dachshunds can be mischievous and clever so that combination isn't great for the owner. This is because they might get themselves into situations that they shouldn't be in so being fearless and stubborn, it might not always turn out so well for them.

Scorpio: Dobermanns are what Scorpios would be. They come off as cold to strangers and uninterested. They really need to warm up to someone until they are able to trust them. The Dobermann breed gets really possessive over their family or the owner just like Scorpios get over their loved ones. They are very alert dogs since they are guard dogs that's why it's hard for intruders to enter a house. Similar to Scorpios, they usually always know what's going on. Once they warm up to you, they are extremely needy and deeply devoted dogs. They can also be very stubborn when having to learn new tricks if they don't want to do it, they won't, just like Scorpios.

Cancer: Would be a close family member to the Dobermann, which is a Rottweiler. They get the Rottweiler because they guard their home and family with all their might. Cancers are the family sign, there's nothing a Cancer would love more, so don't mess with their family or loved ones. Rottweilers don't take that lightly. They are very obedient, calm and devoted. Rottweilers are happy dogs but like Cancers, they get moody if their owner isn't present or if they aren't getting attention.

Pisces: Cocker Spaniels would be Pisces' dog personality. They are known to be friendly, quiet, sensitive and affectionate. Cocker Spaniels love nothing more than being in their owners' presence. If you get too harsh with them, they won't react too well as they are sensitive souls and need a lot of understanding and patience. They are deeply devoted to the people they like so, like Pisces, they will do anything to make sure they are kept happy. They are easily trainable as they want to make sure they obey their owner and keep them happy.

Libra: Are the Newfoundlands of the group. They are very gentle and social dogs that love to be around their family and you wouldn't have any problem mixing them with whomever! They aren't anxious or alert dogs so it makes taking them on vacation or restaurants very easy. They are very sweet-natured and well-behaved dogs. This breed needs more companionship than most other breeds as it is very social, they don't do as well when they are left alone.

Gemini: They would be Corgis! They are smart dogs who like to roam around parks and be free. They are outgoing, bold and easily distracted. They can be all over you in one second and the other, running after another dog or going over to other people for pets. They can be completely unpredictable in that way. It would make you wonder if you gave them to someone else would they even miss you? In saying that, these dogs are very protective over their beloved owner.

Aquarius: Last but not least, Aquarians would be an Akita. Akitas do not respond so well with training methods as they are extremely stubborn. They are intelligent but being stubborn dogs, this can interfere a lot with training. They are a dog who actually would prefer being the only dog in a household as they can be aggressive towards other dogs. If they are socialized properly, they can then tolerate other dogs but otherwise, they prefer being by themselves. They are wary of strangers and like to keep in their own lane! Quite the weirdos, but we love them.

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