The REAL Astrological Birth Charts For The FRIENDS Cast!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Here it is folks, here's the thing we've all been debating over but can now finally call it quits...

Ross Geller - Aries Sun and Moon Gemini. Ross is extremely impulsive when it comes to love or doing activities for love. Let's not relook at his marriage history. He is also someone who is extremely loud and sensitive. His Gemini moon comes into play as he is someone who hates boredom. His paleontology work keeps him distracted and makes him continue to learn new things. He is always in thinking mode. And also... it takes time to warm up to Ross and like him, just like our dear Gemini friends.

Rachel Greene - Libra Sun and Cancer Moon. This combination would produce someone who is somewhat of a hopeless romantic. Always on a search for a great romance and a very understanding person. Rachel has the friendliness and courtesy of a Libra and the emotional sensitivity of a Cancer. This combination may always be at odds with between what she thinks and what she feels. It can be very hard for her to decide what to do! You can be quite skilled at avoiding confrontation since you have such an understanding demeanor. Everybody wants to be friends with her or be with her!

Joey Tribbiani - Leo Sun and Taurus Moon. What can we say? He's an actor! He adores the spotlight on himself at all times! He is very proud of his family and friends and very territorial about that as well. He loves food, friends, sex and comfort like a true Taurus moon. He's got an extremely strong personality for the better or worse. Not much can change his mind unless it's to do with food or hurting one of his loved ones. He's someone who says what he means and is a very honest person. He tries to protect bad news from his loved ones as he hates to see them hurt.

Monica Geller - Virgo Sun and Aries Moon. This combination some conflict as the elements are so different. However, the commonalities between these are that you are a stern, not to mess with person and you have a true strength in purpose. Of course, we know Monica as the clean freak which is one of the main reasons as she is a Virgo sun. She is extremely organized and tells her opinion when no one wants to hear it. She seems like quite the freak in bed and the things that turn her on most is practicality! She's quite the competitive person and that doesn't help mixing with her Aries moon! Even though she's well-grounded she can have times where she is completely impulsive and exotic.

Chandler Bing - Capricorn Sun and Gemini Moon. What do we get from this already? Sarcasm, pessimistic and someone who would deep down crave for affection and love but hates to admit it. With this combination, he definitely has a certain rigid sense of pride. He is an individual who is more or less quiet, expressing himself in quiet ways especially by being sarcastic. Most people can see him as weird or awkward because you can tell that he isn't in touch with his feelings. While Chandler can usually remain quite detached from people listening to their problems, he is a good listener. Emotions never seem to override his reasonings to situations. His sarcasm is his natural reaction to feelings and if he isn't occupied, his natural state of being is anxious. The way he fixes that? By talking nonsense.

Phoebe Buffay - Aquarius Sun and Pisces Moon. I'm sure we were all expecting this. She is the most alternative, "don't live by societies rules" character. She is also always protesting for some sort of anti-animal cruelty and loves to keep the peace. She is definitely one of the main characters that always seems quite detached from reality. She has her musical outlet which we can hear and admit, some people would have to get quite high to write songs like her. However, that's just Phoebe being a natal Aquarian with a Pisces moon. Her mind is certainly very original and hard to get a grasp of as she can have extreme concepts. She definitely has that Aquarian independence and origniality with that tender Pisces sensitivity.

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