Are The Married Love Is Blind Contestants Astrologically Compatible? (SPOILER ALERT)

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

If you haven't heard of the Netflix TV Show, "Love is Blind ", you must be living under a rock! For those of you who haven't heard, here's a brief summary: male and female contestants are separated and can only talk to each other through pods without ever seeing or touching each other. If they feel they have made a connection they have to propose and the other contestant has the right to accept or decline. If they accepted, they can finally reveal each other to one another and they go on a vacation together. Some last the vacation and some don't. Once that is finished, they go back to reality and have to live together in an apartment complex set up by the production. They also get to meet each other's families. Once again, some last and some don't. The ones who last, will arrange their weddings and the brides walk up the aisle. Some have said "I do" and some have said, "I do not".


Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett were the two couples that got married! So what were their zodiac signs? As for now, there is not that much reliable information about them so we won't be calculating their moon signs as of right now. So Sun signs, let's get into it!

Cameron is a Cancer (born July 3rd) and Lauren is a Scorpio (born November 16th). Cancers and Scorpios definitely have a soulmate connection! They also belong to the Water element.

What makes a Cancer and Scorpio connection so powerful? Well firstly, having the same element as your partner is always a good start as it gives you a natural understanding of one another. Scorpio's as much as they hate to admit it but they do absolutely love relationships. These water signs are intuitive, empathetic, sensitive, understanding, loyal and possessive. Cancers are drawn to the strong and mysterious personality of a Scorpio. They both like to take control in the relationship due to their possessiveness, however, Cancers, once they open up more, are more than happy to give some of the reigns over to Scorpio as they form a trustworthy bond quite easily. It is hard for extra hard for Scorpios to trust as they don't like to wear their hearts on their sleeve but once they see how open Cancer is about their feelings and how strong their love is towards them, they start to drop that insecurity. All in all, this sun sign pairing is an absolute great match. We saw Lauren overcoming her "fears" about not wanting to let go of her house and leaving Cameron unsure if she was going to say "I do" at the altar but, deep down I think we all knew she'd say yes as we saw how much Cameron cared and adored her.

How about Matt and Amber? Matt is a Scorpio (born October 23rd). This put him in the middle of the Libra-Scorpio cusp, however he is officially a Scorpio. Being on the cusp means you can have some characteristics more of a Libra than a Scorpio. Watching the show, you can see how Matts' Scorpio comes out by testing the waters with the ladies and being quite sarcastic and making some fun, cheeky jokes. Some women liked them and some didn't but he was seeing who would like his dark humor, like a true Scorpio! He didn't really like to talk about his feelings much because he didn't want to really let people in, but once he got more comfortable with Amber we saw that change in him becoming more apparent. His Libra mode came in a lot when he was being very indecisive about which girl to pick! He was very honest the whole time but he was the one contestants who had three girls interested in him, because of everything he would say and then at the end left him really confused about who to pick.

Amber is an Aries! Born April 3rd. At first, glance looking at a relationship between an Aries and a Scorpio seems to be quite mismatched. If you look deeper there are some qualities that can definitely attract one another. Let's get into that!

Scorpio is a very intense sign. It's a water sign so it relies on its feelings and intuition a lot. Aries is a very impulsive sign. It's a fire sign so it relies on a lot of energy and passion. Scorpio can be threatened and not amused by the loudness of an Aries, but what they like is that Aries aren't afraid to be themselves and they make themselves known. They aren't afraid to back down like Scorpios and Aries will do absolutely anything for their loved one. Scorpios appreciate that a lot as they want to be loved by someone just as much as they would love someone. Their communication styles are very different. Aries love to talk, they can get heated easily and Scorpios are the mysterious, quiet type. Once Aries is in a relationship they can become quite jealous and possessive and Scorpios are one of the most possessive signs about people.

And there we have it! Both these couples' compatibility calls for a very strong, intense and passionate bond!

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