Love Island Couples Who Are Still Together

Even though there are more than three couples who are still together, we chose two couples from the 2016 season and two couples from the 2017 season.

1) We'll start off with the 2016 season. Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde are both Cancers! Ever since the show they have gotten married and have a little baby boy. When two Cancers get together a very loving, honest yet very emotional relationship begins. Being two Cancers they will be deeply devoted to one another, they will want to know every single ins and outs about each other. This type of pairing is caring and very sympathetic to people's needs and inclined into starting a family quite soon. The downside is, they need to make sure they can keep their self-pitying and manipulative ways in check. Starting and building a family requires one to not be moody, it needs stability. As long as you can keep the darker side of your emotions in check, you're destined for greatness!

2) Jessica Rose Shears and Dominic Lever are both from season 2017. They are both Air signs, Jessica being Gemini and Dominic being Aquarius. One of the qualities Air signs are known for is their intelligence, so what's great about this pair is that they'll love the fact that they can enjoy mentally stimulating conversations. Aquarius is full of ideas and Gemini absolutely loves ideas! Being in the same element something that comes naturally to them is accepting the fact that both these signs like their independence. One of the problems that could potentially arise is if Gemini thinks Aquarius is being too stubborn with certain ideas or ways of thinking. Aquarius is a fixed sign and Gemini is mutable making it very easy to adapt to situations so this shouldn't be too much of a big deal for them since they have such a deep understanding for one another.

3) Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland are from the 2016 season. They got married in September 2018! Alex is a Leo and Olivia is a Capricorn. Now, these signs need to have a lot of understanding, communication, and patience between one another as these signs don't have a lot in common. However, they do form a great support system between each other. They also are great hard-workers, Capricorn has more of a traditional and conservative outlook while Leo is generally between with getting things done with their social skills and charm. Together, they have great ambition and dedication. Leo and Capricorns both enjoy material possessions that they can pamper themselves with so after working hard, pampering themselves is something they can look forward to together.

4) Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt are from the 2017 season. Camilla is a Cancer and Jamie is a Taurus. They are not married yet but they have been together ever since that season! These signs both value security in a relationship and are nurturers. Cancer nurtures emotionally while Taurus nurtures to spoil their partner with gifts, food and sensually. They both love a good, cozy night in with their partner. They love quality time by having in-depth conversations and by being sensual. This can be a happy couple due to their mutual enjoyment of spending time at home, possessions, good food and taking care of themselves. What this couple must overcome is that Cancer is a moody sign and Taurus doesn't understand why Cancer has to be so sensitive towards certain things. Vice versa, Cancer wishes that Taurus can be understanding as to why they are so sensitive and emotional.

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