Five Pisces Celebrities You Need To Know!

1) Shad Gregory Moss, AKA Bow Wow is born March 9th, 1987! One of his most known films he's acted in is Like Mike.

2) Born on the 22nd of February, 1975 is Drew Barrymore. Did any of you realize that she's the one who played Gertie in E.T.?

3) Timothy Zachary Mosely, AKA Timbaland! He's born on March 10th, 1972. Timbaland is the music producer for Empire!

4) Ellen Page born on February 21st, 1987 is another Pisces! Her spouse is a Sagittarius, water signs and fire signs don't generally make the best combination but they're both mutable signs!

5) March 18th, 1979 is when Adam Levine was born! He also happens to have a Scorpio moon which makes him double water!

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