Why Are Fire Signs Similar To Cats?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Aries the Cardinal sign, Leo the Fixed and Sagittarius the Mutable. Fire signs are like cats, you either love them or hate them.

Aries the God of War, is something to be familiar with. If you're stepping into a relationship with any Fire sign you're brave however, there's just something about the rage and impulsivity of an Aries that can really make you wonder if it's worth your time. Sagittarius? Well, it's one of the biggest misconceptions that Sagittarians don't like relationships. They love them however, Sagittarians won't go into any random relationship. They think about the future and if they find a match they think may be worthy, they put them through some tests to see if they can handle every side of them. This can of course, put some people off and they flee. How about Leos? Contrary to their exterior appearance, they would have to be the most mellow fire sign. Although, you may have to open their world about to show them that the world doesn't just revolve around them. As soon as they count you as one of theirs, they'll be sure to let people know about it.

Think you have what it takes?

These Fire Signs can for sure be loud and crazy however, when they love, they love extremely hard. The right person will bring out qualities in them that even they didn't know they had. You need to make sure you're quite the solid person because these characters are a lot to handle. Again, like cats. You provide for them emotionally and financially and still aren't quite sure if they love you. Until, you're all alone relaxing on the couch and they demand cuddles.

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