The Descriptions Of The Air & Fire Signs Using Three Songs

Have you ever wondered which songs represents you the most? Out of all the songs, out there having to choose from the never-ending list? Well, you've come to the right place. We're making it short and simple here. To clarify, each song chosen is because of their lyrics and not song title. The lyrics explain it all! Let's get started.

(Air Signs)


• Hot N Cold - Katy Perry. This song suits perfectly Geminis' dualistic nature.

• Personal - HRVY. Once you hear the lyrics you'll understand completely why. Geminis are flirty so they can end up in situations which aren't so good for them at times and once things get too serious and the Gemini isn't down for that, they'll make it sound like it was your fault for falling for them.

• Obsessed - Maggie Lindemann. Geminis can come across as sometimes full of themselves as they love to talk about themselves. Geminis can talk for hours about anything but a lot of times, things mostly revolve around them. They're an air sign so they aren't known for being so emotionally connected which can make them seem hard to love.


• I like me better - Lauv. Libra is ruled by Venus and in the 7th house. Being ruled by Venus is all about beauty, love, and money. The 7th house represents partnerships and marriage. Librans really adore being in relationships. They are okay alone but much prefer relationships and really feel more like themselves in one.

• Good Together - HONNE. This is a sweet song that would have any Libra feeling good about the words. This song just represents how they are in love and what they'd do.

• Wanna Be Your Baby - Zara Larsson. Quite self-explanatory, but Librans are all in for love. Once they start to crush on somebody, they just want that relationship quite instantly. Although every sign is unique in their own way, this sign is so amazing to have as a partner as you know how devoted they are to you.


• I FINK U FREEKY - DIE ANTWOORD. How to get an Aquarian? Be 100% yourself and definitely be weird in some way. Die Antwoord are alternative and this captures the Aquarian love scene pretty accurately.

• Rebel Rebel - David Bowie. Aquarians are known to be quite the rebel sign. They don't want to conform to society, they want to live by their own rules. These are the signs that probably have the most thought-out and crazy conspiracy theories. The song Rebel Rebel captures their unique spirit.

• Dance All Over Your Face - KISS. Aquarians are a fixed sign which makes them have very fixed and stubborn ideas. Dancing all over your face is about not caring what you think, Aquarians knowing that at the end of the day, they're in charge and being self-confident.

(Fire Signs)


• When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls. Can this get anymore Leo? Leos love the spotlight. Their ruling planet is the Sun so of course, they like being the center of attention. The sun is in the center of our solar system. Leos want to be famous, be a star and in movies when they grow up. They want the whole Hollywood famous lifestyle, this captures their ego perfectly.

• Filthy - Justin Timberlake. Leos are very playful, passionate and in control. Here's a song that demands attention, seduction and control!

• Me Too - Meghan Trainor. Known for the self-confidence that is at times mistaken for cockiness is our good old' Leos. Even when they are having a bad day, they'll still manage to look good. It's very hard to knock down a Leo to make them feel worthless, so don't even try. They've got that self-love that people should learn to have.


• Blow Your Mind - Dua Lipa. The phrase that sticks out a lot in this song is "Tell me I'm too crazy, you can't tame me". This wrapped up in just one sentence is our crazy Sagittarians! These signs are loud and hard to calm down.

• One Night - Matthew Koma. Sagittarians live off of company but for love, it's not so simple. They don't rush into relationships and if a love interest does appear, they really need to make sure it's really worth it for the long run. So, therefore, this song represents all their quick lustings of people they've met just to release some "steam" and then back to flying solo.

• Borderline - Tove Styrke. Sagittarians are the free spirit. Their minds are always going and thinking about the future. Like their sister sign (Gemini), they have a little dualistic nature to them. Not in the same exact way as Gemini but they certainly can be quite up and down.


• Stupid Love - Lady Gaga. Aries is quite an explosive, impulsive sign. When they start to crush on someone, they can be quite forthright about it and to some other signs, they might not like this intensity and back away. But to others, a passionate intense love is exactly something they want. They might come off as scary on the outside but on the inside half of them are filled with roses and teddy bears.

• Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - Ariana Grande. Aries being a fire sign can get quite bored easily. They always need mental stimulation, especially around love. When they're bored, they can get up to anything but most likely they'll want to cause some trouble and end up in some sexual endeavors.

• Boss B*tch - Doja Cat. Aries is a Cardinal Sign. Meaning they have a lot of leadership qualities. Cardinal signs are known to start things off. Aries radiates "I'm in charge" energy and there's no fooling around with an Aries. They aren't afraid to call you out in public or make things awkward. They might regret it later but sometimes their mouth speaks before they think. That's why the mix of Boss and B*tch resonates with an Aries.

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