The Descriptions Of The Earth & Water Signs Using Three Songs

Here's part 2! Have you ever wondered which songs represents you the most? Out of all the songs, out there having to choose from the never-ending list? Well, you've come to the right place. We're making it short and simple here. To clarify, each song chosen is because of their lyrics and not song title. The lyrics explain it all! Let's get started.

(Earth Signs)


• Sex with me - Rihanna. Taurus are very sensual people. Touching for them is an essential part of intimacy in a relationship. Their ruling planet is Venus which rules money, beauty, and love. Let's just say, Taureans know what they're doing in the sheets!

• Count on me - Bruno Mars. Taureans are very stable and strong individuals. People rely on them a lot as they are so dependable and know they can count on them for anything. They'll do anything to please the people they love.

• Work bitch - Britney Spears. This is another song dedicated to our loyal Taureans because as previously mentioned, their ruling planet is Venus. They are hard-workers and strive for the best results. They love the finer things in life and they know in order to achieve that lifestyle, they need to work hard.


• Money, Power, Glory - Lana Del Rey. All Earth signs are known for their dedication to work. This song is for the Virgos because they are extremely hard workers no matter what job they do. Some of them want to achieve power because of the time they put in but really, this song also focuses on the glory they want to achieve once finished a job.

• Upgrade U - Beyoncé. Virgos get this song as they are the fixers of the Zodiacs. They are very nitpicky and controlling people so if you're dating one or very close with one, they won't be afraid to try to improve you by fixing certain things for their standards.

• Messy - Kiiara. Virgos are absolute clean freaks! Do not mess up what a Virgo has cleaned, they'll lose it. Also, in a relationship aspect as well, Virgos won't throw themselves on people. They'll take their time and don't like for things to get complicated as they are very analytical themselves and the last thing they'd want is for someone else to overcomplicate things.


• Can't have everything - Drake. Capricorns can at times be overachievers and strive for wanting power and money. Capricorn is in the 10th House which rules Legacy and Reputation. They want a lot of things in order for a societal status to be viewed in a certain way.

• Money, Money, Money - ABBA. This is quite self-explanatory, what do Capricorns want more than anything? Money! Similar to the previous answer, Capricorns are workaholics. They're workaholics for the bigger picture, to earn money as they feel best when they feel financially stable.

• Backstabber - The Kooks. Capricorns are calm creatures and generally like to stick to themselves. However, more times than not, Capricorns are more likely to do something for someone if they know it'll be beneficial towards themselves as well. That's why sometimes people view them as a backstabber because there's always a double-meaning in what they do.

(Water Signs)


• Violence - Grimes. Scorpios have a dark nature to them and consequently are quite vengeful signs by nature. If someone does something to a Scorpio (whether the other person knows it or not), the Scorpio will strike back and isn't opposed to being violent.

• Sexual - NEIKED. Similar to the Taurus, Scorpios are very sexual creatures. They absolutely adore body contact and generally, they have some kinks. They'll never turn sex down especially if it includes something that's a little weird. This sign is very intense so they like all things emotionally and physically intense.

• Nice for What - Drake. People are usually quite intimidated by Scorpios from their cold exterior but deep down, they are sensitive folks. They prefer to come off cold as they don't like to give themselves to people easily as they fear being judged or rejected. This song is a more sensitive song revealing more of their emotionally sensitive side.


• My My My! - Troye Sivan. Pisces are hopeless romantics. They are very empathetic people and want to be loved just as much as they love people. This song represents how adoring people they are once in love and how dreamy they can be.

• Things I'd Do for U - Astronomyy. This song incorporates a love theme but more importantly how poetic and dreamers these Pisces natives are. Pisces feel things very deeply. Like a sponge, they soak up everything. They also astral project a lot and get lost within their thoughts and this song captures their nature perfectly.

• Inside Your Mind - Gypsy & The Cat. Since Pisces often get lost in their own thoughts, they end up drifting into a lot of different areas of their mind. This dives into their thoughts, theories, feelings and artistic ideas. When speaking to a Pisces sometimes you can catch them disappearing into their own thoughts and we all never know what it is exactly. This song is for all of us who want to know what's inside their mind.


• K. - Cigarettes After Sex. Cancers remember every detail about when they started to fall for someone. Cancers love being in relationships and this song lets us take a look into how a Cancer would feel after a lost love. They find it hard to move on from people and this song reflects on a mindset in how they'd feel.

• Dead - Madison Beer. Similar to the previous song, this particular song can be for friendships or relationships. Cancers tend to overextend themselves in any relationship and if they feel betrayed, they remember everything you said and want you to mean it literally. They don't care about the outcome but they want to know that you're hurting just as much as they are.

• Rare - Selena Gomez. Cancers always know that they are special and that they have such a caring and nurturing side, they just want someone else to notice that as much as they do. Almost every sign can relate to that. They have great self-love which is admirable and want to love others, just as much as be loved by others. And funnily enough, Selena is a Cancer and she represents the Cancer community amazingly.

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