Astrologically Compatible YouTube Couples

1) Starting off at number one we have Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, better known on YouTube as the ACE Family. Austin is a Taurus sun with an Aquarius moon. Catherine is a Virgo sun with a Libra moon. They both have Earth suns and Air moons. This match couldn't be any more perfect! Having a Taurus and Virgo relationship you can practically read each others' minds! They are a practical, hard-working and sensible couple. This match is anything but reckless, common sense for them is a natural instinct. There is a great deal of mutual understanding and trust. This couple is first and foremost great friends, they genuinely start off with liking each other and appreciating a lot which is a great remedy for love to blossom. Virgo can struggle sometimes to get out of her own head but the steady Taurus reassures her that all is well. Taurus really appreciates Virgos' analytical mind. Each partner can feel that something is lacking within themselves that can only be made whole by each other.

Both partners having Air moons makes the relationship light and airy! The main difference in your moon styles is that Libra tends to lean more towards romance and always needing their partner while Aquarius is more independent and rebellious. However, these sun and moon combinations as a couple makes for an everlasting love and bond.

2) De'arra Taylor and Ken Walker are also a great match. De'arra is an Aries sun with an Aries moon. Ken is a Leo sun with a Libra moon. These two both have fire sun signs! An Aries and Leo relationship is known for their independence, creativity, and motivation. Being two fire signs, when they love, they love extremely hard and passionately. They are very proud of each other and like to show that off. There is a lot of harmony between this couple. However, when there are fights and that's bound to break out especially being two fire signs, these fights will be very intense and dramatic. These signs have great love and admiration for each other but they need to learn to take turns and not always feel like they are commanding each other. This partnership has a lot to do with domination, despite their differences Aries looks up to Leo as a guide or mentor. Leo is a fixed sign and they are known for their dependability and strength. Any differences between these two can be quickly overcome just as fast as they started.

An Air moon and a Fire moon are a good match as well. Libra and Aries are sister signs (opposite signs) so that can either work out great or not at all. In this case, having already great sun signs, it can only mean that this makes them stronger. Even though these signs are opposites, in many ways they can be drawn to each other. Libras crave partnerships so they automatically know how to share and harmonize with people. Aries is more of the assertive and dominant sign so, in this way, Libra will oftentimes let Aries take control as they know it's for the best. Overall, communication needs to be a priority for this match or else things can get out of hand quite quickly and easily. Their birth chart combinations makes for an intense and loveable relationship.

3) Keren Swanson and Khoa Nguyen are extremely compatible as well! They married in 2019. Keren and Khoa are both Scorpios. They are like two peas in an intense, emotional pod. Scorpios can be either feared or loved by outsiders. Scorpios have a mixed relationship with love, they are water signs and by nature love emotion and are surrounded by it, but at the same time, they absolutely hate to admit that. They are very in tune with each others' emotions being the same sign. Both Scorpios are obsessed with each other and this grows intensely and immensely. This relationship has two directions being in the same sign, a wonderland extreme love story or a disastrous destruction. Luckily, they have different moon signs to help balance it all out but even better, they are the same elements.

Keren has a Virgo moon and Khoa has a Taurus moon. These Earth moons have an incredible amount in common and to learn from each other. They are known to be one of the couples to be soulmates. The small differences they have are enough to appreciate one's views. Taurus will take its time to make up their minds but once their mind is made, they go with it fully. Virgo, however, is quite the anxious sign, they worry a lot, and is very particular and difficult to please at times. The Taurus's steadiness, emotional strength, even temper, and stability is extremely reassuring and comforting to the Virgo. Virgo can also be sexually "cut off" and Taurus loves to embrace their sensuality so this can help Virgo to be more at ease as well. In conclusion, this combination is an extremely intense, hard-working, stable couple.

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