Are Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson astrologically compatible?

Mileys' birth chart looks like this:

Sun - Sagittarius

• Moon - Scorpio

• Mercury - Scorpio

• Venus - Capricorn

• Mars - Cancer

Codys' birth chart looks like this:

• Sun - Capricorn

• Moon - Aquarius

• Mercury - Capricorn

• Venus - Capricorn

• Mars - Libra

First offs, we can see that Miley likes her Capricorns. Liam is also a Capricorn. Sagittarians wouldn't by nature like a native Capricorn as Capricorns are law-abiding, pessimistic, pratical and regimented people. Whereas, Sagittarians are the complete opposite of all those qualities. They are free-spirited, optimistic and idealistic people. Their moons also don't match that well. Scorpio and Aquarians are both fixed signs but air and water elements aren't a matched made in heaven. The only thing these signs share in common is the fact that they are opinionated, stubborn and cold signs. Otherwise, they wouldn't have a natural connection.

A positive aspect? Mileys' Sagittarius sun must see some of Codys' Aquarius moon traits and vice versa for Cody. They must be able to recognize some similar aspects of each other but it wasn't an initial click. Their emotional reactions and personality are definitely very different from each other but spending time with one another are able to see this and work upon things. Another good news is that their Mercury and Venus are highly compatible. The way they communicate is easy for them as they have a similar style so when there are disagreements between each other, communicating what is wrong should be quite easy. They way they love is top-notch as they both have Capricorn in Venus. These people seek a solid relationship that's based on mutual respect. They are also very cautious when entering new relationships whether it's forming a new friendship or a partner.

Their Mars style is a good match in this case even though one is air and the other is water. The reason being is that both these signs value relationships and partnerships extremely high in their lives and that's when they feel most complete is when they are in relationships. As long as Cancer doesn't turn its' nurturing ways into parenting ways as the Libra Mars will feel like they are acting too much like a parent and that it's not a romantic relationship anymore.

So on a scale, we'll rate them a 6 out of 10! Moon and Sun signs are the most important but since the rest of their planetary aspects have great signs for a longterm relationship, this ups their rating a lot! So we wish them the best!

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